The Unbelievable Story of the 18-Year-Old Female Football Kicker

23. Learning to Love Football

It was Longo’s older brother, Bobby, who introduced her to the sport. Growing up, Becca looked up so much to Bobby, she mimicked his every move. Bobby has always played defensive end. Longo loved going to his games, watching from the stands, but then something changed. In 2004, she attended a football game where a female kicker blasted the ball, 48 yards through the goal posts. Her name was Heidi Garrett; Longo’s new role model.

22. Heidi Garrett

That kick, the 48-yard blast from Garrett, set the record for women’s kicks in high school football. In fairness, the category was hardly contested. Becca, not only felt inspired to be the next Heidi Garrett, she aimed to best her records. As it turns out, she wasn’t the only impressionable young woman inspired by Garrett.

21. Queens Creek High

In the spring of 2014, Longo noticed several freshman males on the football field. She leaned over to a friend saying, “I’m going to play football.” After class, she made her way to the field to show those guys. One of them challenged her to kick the ball, a dare she obliged. Nobody was more shocked than Longo when that ball left a trail of smoke in the air.

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