The Weirdest and Most Iconic Fashions From the 1960s

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While the 70s is commonly known for dreadlocks and flower power, and the 80s might be notorious for its epidemic of “big” hair, and the 90s might be famous for neon…the 60s had its fair share of weird, iconic, and downright outrageous fashion, too! The 1960s was known as an era of experimentation. People had just left the rather boring, standardized fashion of the 1950s for something a little more exciting.

The miniskirt made its debut, men wore capes – and even though we usually think of the 80s when we think about huge hair, that style really began in this era.

Check out 25 of the iconic fashions that people actually wore during the 1960s.

1. Bouffant Hair

Remember Hairspray? There’s a reason that musical got its name. So much hairspray was needed to pull off this iconic look. Volume was everything in the 60s. Even Jackie Kennedy sported a style similar to this in most of her photos!

2. Mini-Skirts

Fashion radically changed during the post-war period. Fabric had become expensive, and so dresses became shorter and shorter. In the 1920s, famously, the ‘Flappers’ wore scandalously short dresses that paved the way for the mini-skirt forty years later. The 50s had been a time of relative conservatism, dresses usually staying past knee-length. However, when the 60s rolled around, young women rebelled against fashion rules and wore shorter and shorter skirts. Thus, the mini-skirt was born.

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