These 25 Celebrities Served Their Country Before Becoming Famous

The stories that make up a celebrity’s life before becoming famous are often more exciting than what happens after fame strikes. Among many stories, they have been carpenters like Harrison Ford was, or worked as bouncers like Michael Clarke Duncan did. Some of these celebs took on the most honorable jobs before Hollywood. They served their country, some with honors. These are 25 of those celebs.

Drew Carey

Today folks know him as the host of The Price is Right or the former host of Whose Line is it Anyway? The funnyman from Ohio was once a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Carey served for six years in the Marines before retiring active duty.

Elvis Presley

He was once the King of rock and roll and a serious heartthrob. Fans and even the U.S. Army had reservations about Elvis signing up, but he insisted on serving his country. Presley entered the service at Memphis, Tennessee in March 1958. He served until March 1960, then the Army discharged him in March 1964. 

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