These Are the Lucky Ladies That Landed Themselves a Billionaire

Erica Baxter Packer

Photo: theherald

Erica Baxter is an Australian singer that was moderately successful on the charts with her debut album Through My Eyes. However, her life changed forever when she met and married James Packer, who happens to be one of the wealthiest men in Australia. Packer has an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion thanks to inheriting control of the family company, Consolidated Press Holdings Limited. Some of the many investments include the popular Crown Resorts, as well as many different media outlets. The two exchanged vows in 2007 and proceeded to have three children before publicly announcing they were separating in 2013.

Jade Foret

Photo: potins

This stunning blue-eyed brunette is Jade Foret, a Belgian model that was quite well-known in France. After some success during her time spent in New York City, she met French businessman Arnaud Lagardère, who happens to be one of France’s wealthiest men. The two were smitten by each other and Jade became Arnaud’s partner. Three years later, the happy couple married in Paris and had two children together, including one just last year.

Mariah Carey…Almost Packer

Photo: people

Ms. Mariah surely doesn’t need a man for anything, especially money. However, she came very close to walking down the aisle with Australian businessmen, James Packer, who was listed above with the lovely Erica Baxter. Apparently, James and Mariah dated exclusively and even got engaged in January 2016. But unfortunately, for him, Mariah kicked him to the curb in October later that year. I guess even being a billionaire isn’t enough to keep this singing songstress on your arm.

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