These Epic Formula 1 Saves at 190mph Will Blow Your Mind

Formula 1 is the ultimate form motorsport road racing. An F1 car is a multi million dollar machine that’s built using the most advanced technology known to mankind. Not only are they fast in a straight line reaching speeds over 200mph, but they can pull as much as 6.5 G’s in the corners. As a point of comparison, the crews of the Apollo space missions experienced approximately 4 G’s. And with engines that reach as much 15,000-17,000 RPM, the acceleration is staggering as well. A Formula One car is designed to walk the fine line of the limit of physics and gravity. Usually, when a driver tries to push past that line it results in spin out if not a massive wreck that takes them out of the race.

But every so often a driver is able to save it and more times than not it’s in a spectacular way. The reason being is how fast they’re going and how fast it can happen. Some of the best saves in F1 history happened so fast that if you blinked you missed them. But yet in that split second of time, the driver of the car did a long list of things that prevented some sort of catastrophe. This video compiles some of the most epic saves in Formula 1 and while some of them might have a little bit of luck involved, the ones that are mind blowing are the ones where you see how fast the drivers are able to react.