Three Hilarious PGA Tour Animal Moments That You Need to Check Out

Being that golf is one of the only sports that takes place out in the natural environment without a stadium or ballpark, there are bound to be some visits from some furry friends. That’s right, throughout the history of golf, a couple of hilarious and impromptu animal visits have taken place and here are three of the best

1. Baboon Wreaks Havoc on Crew

It is normal for the media and various TV channels to be present at big golf events but on this day, they would get more than they bargained for. While filming a bunch of baboons on the course, the Golf Channel crew noticed one that was making its way over to their gear. It turned out the baboon wasn’t afraid at all and walked right up to their gear, stole some food, and even looked as if he was about to drive away in the cart. Definitely one of the silliest animal encounters in golf.

2. Caddy vs. Alligator

While the baboon encounter could be seen as cute and somewhat innocent, this next encounter was quite a bit more dangerous. Brian Gay’s ball was awfully close to the water, and it just so happens an alligator as near by and actually crawled up on to the course. Well, Gay’s caddy (Kip Henley) more than earned his money on this day when he got up close and personal with the gator and managed to scare it off so Gay could take his shot.

3. Seagull Takes Steve Lowery’s Ball

This is without a doubt the most famous animal encounter in golf history. This encounter happened on the famous 17th hole at the 1998 PGA Championship. With Steve Lowery’s ball sitting pretty on the green, a seagull thought it looked tasty and decided it was going to take it away. After fumbling with the ball a few times, the seagull made flight with it before ultimately dropping the ball in the water. The fans in attendance and commentators alike very much enjoyed this silly situation.