Three of the Funniest Weigh In Fighters in UFC History

For most fighters, the day of the weigh ins is when they are at their worst and most testy. Most fighters are very dehydrated and just want to weigh in so they can replenish their bodies. However, these three individuals always look to have a little fun on weigh in day and lighten the mood.

1. John Dodson

Of all the fighters you will see in the UFC, very few if any of them have more fun and are jollier than John Dodson. While Dodson may only stand at 5’3, his personality is that of a giant. In particular, the guy loves to keep it light on weigh in day. Whether it is taking a selfie with the ring girls, his infectious smile or his trademark (and hilarious) weigh in stance, the guy is one of the funniest fighters on a day where most are upset.

2. Tom Lawlor

This guy absolutely loves to put on a show for the fans. He is not only known as a great fighter, but also for his hilarious and well done fight entrances and weigh ins. The guy always has some wacky gear or character he is playing on fight day and weigh in day. Some of this most memorable weigh in moments are his impersonations of other fighters. Him dressing up as Dan Severn and Conor Mcgregor on two separate occasions are two of the funniest weigh in moments you will ever witness.

3. Sean O’Connell

There is almost no doubt that O’Connell is the undisputed king of the weigh in humor in UFC history. Despite only being in the UFC for 5 fights (and 3 of those being losses), he already has quite the reputation for his weigh in moments. Even if the guy loses his next few fights, I vote the UFC keeps him around simply for his great weigh ins. Whether it is taking a selfie with his opponent, booping them on the nose, playing a game of rock/paper/scissors or romantically interlocking arms with an opponent to have a drink, O’Connell is a breath of fresh air on weigh in day.