The 25 Most Beautiful Female Athletes, Ranked

25. Catrina Allen

Well to say it was difficult to come up with this list, and what order to put them in is a major understatement. Especially considering there are hundreds of beautiful women athletes in the world. Every single one of these ladies deserve to have the top spot on the list, but alas there can only be one. We know we may have missed a few here and there, be sure to comment below on who you think should be on the next list.

25. Catrina Allen

Catrina might be a new one to those that aren’t familiar with the disc golf scene. But don’t let that fool you, Catrina is a pro disc golfer with the ability to compete with the men that are dominating the sport like Paul McBeth. She is currently sponsored by Prodigy Discs and can be seen at tournaments across the country.

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