Every U.S. State Perfectly Captured By One Photograph

When the founding fathers envisioned many sovereign states, they could never have imagined the full scope of 50 unique territories. For nations outside the U.S., we’re one nation, but we know the truth. Each state brings its own brand of America to the broader concept of freedom. These images capture the special blend of herbs and spices, which make up each state.


Available on any street corner, the Alabama fishing boat will get you where you want to go in deluxe comfort. This, you get, all at the fraction of the cost to operate other boats. Look for the dude wearing the cutoff overalls to get the best deal.


For bears living in the forest, finding each other is a pain. There are too many trees. To make meetings easier, they pick more open space, like roadways. This proves problematic for cars, though, since humans tend to drive cars on those roads. Someone snapped this photo on the famous Highway 1, which stretches to Argentina. Way to represent the nation, Alaska!

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