Unbelievable Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

It doesn’t matter how much money one has to throw at it, weight loss is hard. Our health habits are hard wired into our lives, connected to our memories, our emotions, and all that old pent up stuff. It’s not nice to say, but most people who try to lose weight will not make it to their goals. Of those who do, most will not sustain them. These 25 celebrities decided they were ready to take on those odds.

Mariah Carey

When Mariah Carey started in music, she was a young woman, talented, and rocking a sporty figure. She was not only an amazing vocalist, she looked great on camera. While Mariah never lost her voice or beauty, she did find some extra weight after having twins. It was not only depressing for her, but not so good for her health. After dedicating herself to exercise and a diet program, Carey was able to get it all back.

John Goodman

Goodman has never been the leading man sort and has always come with a few extra pounds to love. When he was Dan on the TV show “Roseanne” it played well for the working dad. In fact, it worked for his career. It didn’t, however, work for his health. Goodman recently decided to get after his runaway weight, dropping over 100 pounds. He looks great, of course, but more importantly, his health is back on track.

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