Vin Scully Says Goodbye After 67 Consecutive Seasons

Never has a team had a person call there games longer than the legendary Vin Scully.Not in baseball or any other sport for that matter. Scullys legacy stands on its own. The venerable play-by-play announcer for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers covered the team for an amazing 67 seasons (1950–2016). With his final game in the books, the 88 year old, golden voiced baseball fan left us with this message:

“You and I have been friends for a long time, but I know in my heart that I’ve always needed you more than you’ve ever needed me, and I’ll miss our time together more than I can say. But you know what? There will be a new day and eventually a new year. And when the upcoming winter gives way to spring, rest assured, once again it will be “time for Dodger baseball.” So this is Vin Scully wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon, wherever you may be.” -Vin Scully

Not only do we have to wave goodbye to the voice that has become iconic with baseball, so do the Dodgers and all of major league baseball. We have all been lucky to have heard Scully’s voice describing some of the most iconic plays ever in sports. Farewell Vin, you will be missed.