Vintage Ads You Won’t Believe Were Real

Vintage ads are bizarre no matter what sex you are. But if you’re a woman, I can only imagine they send you into fits of rage when you see how poorly men thought of females in the past. And while I wish I could say that things are currently 100% different than they were back in that era, I can’t. But luckily, a great majority of that sexism has gone away and it’s definitely not so “in your face” like it used to be. However, it’s interesting to take a look back to a time when advertising seemed to have no boundaries. So take a look into the past, just make sure you stop and take “woosah” breaks to prevent yourself from boiling over.

Of Course It Is Bonehead!

Photo: pinterest

Forgive my French, but I’m in a state of shock due to what I’m reading here. How was an ad printed with a big, bold headline that reads, “Is it always illegal to kill a woman?” And even more bizarrely, how in the world does that have anything to do with a Pitney Bowed Postage Meter? I like jokes and sarcasm just as much as anyone, but I’m really struggling to make sense of this whole thing.


It will ll take a few minutes to determine what this ad is even selling, but I’ll save you the grief and just tell you it’s an ad for Bell & Howell Projectors and not a Madonna-esque brassiere like it may seem. On the bright side, it’s not flat out calling women useless or literally stepping on their heads. But it does show us that no matter what era we live in, sex sells.

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