What 25 Famous People Said Before Death

George Orwell

“At fifty, everyone has the face he deserves.” What Orwell meant by that, who knows? Orwell made his name as the author of the books, “Animal Farm,” and “1984,” among others. When he passed from tuberculosis at age 46, it was January 21, 1950. That was in London, England. It seems Orwell would never get to find out what face he deserved.

James Dean

“This guy’s gotta stop… he’ll see us.” There was one other person in the Porsche with Dean when he crashed head first into “this guy.” It was a Ford Tudor that took him out. That was September 30, 1955, in Cholame, California. Dean was only 24 years old.

Ernest Hemingway

“Goodnight, my kitten,” Hemingway whispered to his wife, as he did every night at bedtime. It was July 2, 1961. Hemingway’s wife would consider his death as an accident at the time, but most believe he ended his own life intentionally. She eventually conceded it was a suicide. The reason? Hemingway was an alcoholic and a deeply troubled man whose own father had killed himself the same way. Before he passed, Hemingway had also developed a fascination with death.

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