Whatever Happened to These Stars of the 80s?

Some decades suffer a quiet forgettableness, like the 1970s or the ’90s. Oh sure, those decades had their iconography, but not like the ’50s or ’60s. Then there were the ’80s. For everything the ’90s tried to be, it was like the whole decade simply wanted to be as remembered as the one before it. The 1980s were so littered with icons; Ronald Regan, E.T., Michael Jackson, the Space Shuttle, it’s hard to stop once one gets going. For stars of the ’80s, it was a boom time until it wasn’t. The ’90s put many successful careers on the back burner, but it didn’t end them. These are 12 of the stars we loved from the ’80s.

Brooke Shields: Then

Born in 1965 in Manhattan, Shields started life against all odds. Her biological father paid her mother to abort the fetus that would become Shields. Surrendered at birth, Shields rose to stardom, taking roles in movies like, “The Blue Lagoon,” and, “Endless Love.” Calvin Klein, the designer not the brand, developed an affection for Shields, featuring her in ads. He also appeared with her at places like Studio 54.

Brooke Shields: Now

Shields took a break from the spotlight in the late ’80s when she attended Princeton University. She graduated with a degree in French Literature, dated a few nut jobs (I’m looking at you, Agassi), but eventually settled down. She still does Calvin Klein ads, even though she’s 52 years old. She’s done some acting too, appearing as Joey’s crazy girlfriend on the show Friends awhile back, but was also on the show Suddenly Susan. Yes, she’s still hot.

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