Whatever Happened to These Stars of the 80s?

Demi Moore: Now

Kutcher and Moore’s marriage ended in 2013. Moore, again, faded from the limelight the last decade. Her time, it seems, she’s dedicated to her non-profit organization, Thorn, but also her family and navigating substance abuse issues. In the last two years, she’s been in a few films, and on the HBO series Empire, but nothing that has relaunched her stardom. That said, Moore seems stable and content, which more than most of us can claim.

Alan Ruck: Then

When Ruck first appeared as Ferris’ sidekick in the hit movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” it was from beneath a comforter. We were immediately smitten with his dour attitude. That movie didn’t catapult him to fame, but Ruck did keep working, including work in the sequel, “Young Guns II,” where he played Hendry William French. After that, Ruck’s fame dimmed, but he kept working, mostly in TV. He popped up briefly in the 90s on the TV series Mad About You, and in 96 in the series Spin City, but then back into less flashy roles.

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