Whatever Happened to These Stars of the 80s?

Alan Ruck: Now

This year Ruck proved he still had it, outshining an otherwise unflattering project, Brad Pitt’s “War Machine.” Ruck’s moments on screen were good enough to force a few audience members to pull out their phones to search IMDB and figure out how they knew him. Gone is the face of Cameron, faded in Ruck’s aging face, but what remains is a solid actor in his place. Expect to see more from Ruck in the coming years.

Glenn Close: Then

Her breakout movie was the heartwarming but bizarre “The World According to Garp,” with Robin Williams in 1982. When Close also appeared in “The Big Chill” in 1983, we knew she was no one hit wonder. Although Close didn’t pick winners every time, when she starred in “Fatal Attraction” in 1987, we saw a darker side of the actress. All told, the Academy nominated Close six times over the course of her career. Not bad for an icon of the 80s, but now what?

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