Who, What, When; The Expansive Universe Behind The Show Married With Children

Once upon a time, watching TV meant watching whatever a bunch of executives deemed “quality programming.” Back then, HBO played movies retired from the big screen, MTV played music videos, and the comedy channel was endless Stand-up. There was no Hulu or Netflix. These were the dinosaur days of network T.V. One could also call that time “the nineties.” A successful show was everything at that time since there were so few shows on the air. Success meant audiences had something entertaining to watch, actors might launch careers, and somewhere an executive was getting rich from dumb luck [read: Neilson ratings]. Few remember how much talent walked on and offset of Married With Children. It was a set filled with hijinks too. This is everything you never knew about Married With Children (MWC).

Katey Sagal is still on fire

Did you have a moment when Sons of Anarchy (SOA) came on there air; the one where you asked, “where do I know that face from?” It was Catherine Louise Sagal, the woman who played Peggy Bundy on MWC. She goes by “Katey.” Sagal never disappeared from the business after MWC, but she did voice Leela on the adult cartoon “Futurama.” The people behind that show were the same people behind The Simpsons, the other dysfunctional [more realistic?] alternative to The Cosby Show. In 2004, Sagal married Kurt Sutter, who would later create SOA.

Sagal got a star on the Walk of Fame.

Not for her role in MWC, but after Sagal survived in the trenches long enough to land a role on SOA they gave her a star. On SOA, she played an even more dysfunctional mother, the murderous matron leader to the title biker gang, Gemma Teller. Gemma was so bad, she made Peg Bundy look like mother of the year. She was a darker, but more complex character, well suited for Sagal. In September 2014, Hollywood agreed, giving her a star on the Walk. They put it right next to her costar, Ed O’Neill.

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