You Won’t Believe the Secrets Cruise Ship Workers Share When They Get Back On Land

23. Leftovers

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So we know the workers aren’t served the best quality food when working on the ship. However, there is one thing that may or may not be a “perk” of the job depending on how you feel about leftovers. I say that because all of the food that’s left over from the buffets and formal dinners become fair game once the meal is over. This is music to your ears, assuming you’re OK with food that’s a few hours old because at least it’s better than the school lunch waiting for you back in the cafeteria.

22. Work Yourself to the Bone

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Working on a cruise ship might seem like a glamorous job. You get to travel all over the world, stopping at numerous ports along the way. However, as with most things, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. If you sign a contract to work on a ship you better expect to work. In fact, even though some contracts might last as long as nine months you’re often expected to work every single day. You’ll appreciate it once payday comes, however getting to that point might be a bit tougher than expected.

21. Romance in the Workplace

We already know that it’s a big no-no for crewmembers to get involved with the guests. But what about if you’re stuck on that boat for a full nine-month contract? That’s a long time to be without the affection from another human being. Because of that, crew members find themselves falling for other crewmembers and creating relationships while out at sea. In fact, it often morphs into a full-blown romance that continues after the contract is up.

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