25 Caddyshack Secrets That’ll Change The Way You View The Film

Just over 36 years ago, the cult classic film Caddyshack was released to the public and won audiences over nationwide with its brash-but-hilarious comedy. It acted as a launching platform for actors such as Rodney Dangerfield and first-time director Harold Ramis. At the time, the stars of the film like Chevy Chase and Bill Murray were well-known, but not nearly as much as they were after the release of the film. Looking back on it now, the combination of that group of people must’ve been quite the adventure, to say the least.

We compiled a list of little tidbits from the film that you may or may not have heard before. Some of them may change the way you view the film altogether.

25. Chevy Chase saves the day

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According to reports the movie, Caddyshack would not have been made if Chevy Chase hadn’t been cast for the role of Ty Webb. Even though it had other comedy icons like Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield, the studio wouldn’t sign off on it until the producers mentioned that Chevy Chase would also have a role. It’s a good thing too because Caddyshack helped put Rodney on the map considering it was his first major film.

24. The brilliant mind of Bill Murray

Bill Murray is one of the all-time great comedians. His role as Carl Spackler, the country club groundskeeper, is one of the characters that really help slingshot Murray into superstardom. A perfect example of just how talented he is, every line “Carl” spoke in the movie was improvised by Murray himself. No fancy writers, or anything like that, just straight from the hip comedy.

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