A Look Back at the 2008 NBA Dunk Contest When Dwight Howard Introduced the World To Superman

The slam dunk is the best and most exciting shot in basketball. It’s both the easiest and hardest thing to do in basketball depending on your size or jumping ability. As kids, we would use things like mini trampolines or lowered rims to be able to dunk like they do in the pros. But no matter what we did, they never seemed to have the wow factor that you see at the All Star Game Dunk Contests. There have been many memorable battles over the years such as the Michael Jordon when he and Dominique Wilkins went toe to toe a couple different times. And then there was the Spud Webb show that quite literally shocked the world.

Although there is another dunk contest that will forever remain in the history books, and that’s the great showing in 2008. Unintentional rhyme therem but somehow it’s actually fitting because the year I’m talking about happens to be the year that Dwight Howard introduced the world to his version of Superman. He strapped on a red cape and flew like a bird and a plane and literally threw it down. And that wasn’t even the one that landed him the title of champion.