Here’s a Taste of the Best Harlem Globetrotters Highlights

The Globetrotters have been around since 1926 when originated in the south side of Chicago and they’ve been wowing crowds ever since. They perform exhibition games all over the world. Since their inception, the Globetrotters have performed in 22,000 games in 122 Countries. The Chicago Globetrotters only existed for two seasons before moving to New York for the 1928-1929 season and they’ve remained there ever since.

Notice I’m saying “perform,” that’s because a Globetrotters experience isn’t just a basketball game, it finds the perfect combination of comedy, theater, and athleticism. They perform some of the wildest trick shots and trick plays, while also interacting with the crowds. It’s more like a show than it is a game. But don’t be mistaken, most of the players on the team have some serious skills. Some of them might even be good enough to play in the NBA. Here’s a quick highlight video of some of the more recent games. While it is a lot different than the games of the old days, there are still quite a few similarities.