Relive Your Childhood of Game Losing Errors With Some of the Not So Hot Plays in the MLB

Photo: therichest

There very few things as painful as being out on a baseball field with runners in scoring position and you get a routine ground ball or pop up only to flub it up and bobble the ball allowing the runners to score. It’s a feeling that I’m sure many of us had while playing little league or even up into High School or college ball. But when you get up to the Majors you would think that sort of absentmindedness would go by the wayside right?

Sadly, no that’s not the case. At least sad for the players, as fans that’s one of the reasons we watch baseball. That and seeing the ball crushed into the stands for a home run of course. I’ll never forget how embarrassed I felt that day I was sitting on third base and had a line drive hit directly to me that would have been the third out and won us the game but instead it tipped off the top of my glove and started a vicious chain reaction that lost the game. But as bad as I felt, you can only imagine it’s 10x worse for a player in the Majors. Here are a few examples of players experiencing that horrible feeling, it’s great when it’s happening to someone else, at least if they’re on the opposite team.