Revealed: 40 Secrets of the Mormon Church They Deny Every Time

Once upon a time, long before the Scientologists came to the religious table, we had the Mormons. Like any good religion, their beliefs, viewed from the outside, seem rather silly.

The Book of Mormon, the religious text of the Mormons, was a gift to the world in 1829. It was the work of Joseph Smith, who completed the book with the help of his friend Martin Harris. Smith claimed that he translated a set of gold plates gifted to him by an angel. From those plates, he had what he needed to create the Church of Latter Day Saints, otherwise known in shorthand as the Church of LDS.

Adding to the peculiarity of the Mormon religion, most aspects of their belief system are not common knowledge. What we do know, falls under serious scrutinies, such as these 25 aspects… 

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