Unforgettable Photos From Around The World

As a writer, the old idiom about a picture being worth a thousand words has always bumped me. Does anyone know how much blood, sweat, and beers go into my craft? What’s even worse, the expression is totally correct, dang it. Pictures are worth more words than I could ever write. If only I could have been born with the need to take stunning photographs. Sigh. These pictures freeze moments in time, which I will do my best to caption despite knowing that I will fail every time. What makes these shots awesome is how standing on their own they say it all.

25. Christmas with Hitler 1941

What a wonderful time of year, the holidays. Imagine the feeling sitting at this table. This was a particularly difficult time for Hitler and his cronies. They’d anticipated the end of the war by this time, but they were far from it. The Russian front was a disaster. The Americans were causing problems on every front. Still, Adolf had time to spread Christmas cheer with his generals in Munich. Humanity has this image courtesy of the Nazi party official photographer.

24. Bob Marley Playing Ping Pong

The official name is table tennis, but ping pong sounds better. Between shows on a European tour, someone caught a few stills of the man who put Reggae music and Jamaica on the map. This image brings one question to mind: how would Marley have been at beer pong? What about weed pong?

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