Take a Look at Some of the Longest Home Runs In MLB History

Photo: herosports

There are few things in sports that will give you a better feeling that crushing a home run. More times than not, it feels like you barely hit the ball because you had such a smooth swing and the ball just explodes off the bat. You see it in movies all the time where everything goes into slow motion and you can literally watch the threads on the ball rotate as it flies out of the park. It’s pure euphoria, which is the only word I can come up with to describe it.

That’s how I felt playing amateur ball in little league and high school. So I can only imagine how amazing the feeling must be if you smash it out of the park as a pro player in the Major Leagues. Having tens of thousands of screaming fans and teammates as you trot around the bases. With that being said, imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment one must feel to be on the list of the longest home runs in MLB history and notice the rage of excitement that erupts as soon as the ball leaves the bat.