The Most Evil People Who’ve Walked The Earth

There may be people who’ve walked the Earth worse than the people on this list, but it’s not likely. To truly be evil, one needs power, ideology, and a little creativity. It’s not just enough to kill massive numbers of people. The lunatic finds unique ways to torture victims before death. Beware, some of these will make you cringe.

Elizabeth Bathory

Ever seen the movie “Hostel?” Forget that. Have you heard of a tale called “Dracula?” The title character was Vlad the Impaler, but Elizabeth Bathory-inspired the story too. She was fond of blood, especially the blood of young girls. Over 650 bodies of young girls she tortured and killed were found buried beneath her home at Csetje Castle. Some legends about her say that she was even a cannibal, though that’s never been proven.

Talat Pasha

American Armenian youth are fond of wearing a shirt that reads “Tuck Furkey.” It’s a salutation to the genocide committed by the former leaders of the nation, back when it was the Ottoman Empire. The sultan of the Ottoman Empire into the teens of the 20th Century, Talat Pasha oversaw the torture, rape, and genocide of somewhere around 1.5 million Armenians.

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