The Best Backboard Breaking Dunks Caught on Camera

Dunking a basketball and breaking the backboard is something that doesn’t happen all that often anymore, unfortunately. That’s because of the “breakaway” rims that are designed to give a little when the rock gets brought to the house with some authority. Prior to the use of these spring loaded rims, it was something that happened fairly regularly, hence why the breakaway rim was designed in the first place.

However, as with most things where there’s a will, there’s a way. Some players claim that if you slam it hard enough from the side you can still shatter the backboard into a billion pieces. And there are very few things that can both bring excitement to the crowd and instill doubt in the other team like breaking a backboard. Although, hopefully, there is a backup hoop to play with, otherwise you just ruined the fun for everyone. Here are some of the most destructive dunks caught on camera ranging from the NBA all the way to your local pickup game.