The Most Outstanding Trick Plays In Football History

You know those plays you would run through at the end of football practice that were totally different than anything you would normally run? I’m talking about the trick plays your coached had in their arsenal to call when things came down to the wire and you needed a miracle. Some of the classics are the “flea-flicker,” “Statue of Liberty play,” and if they were really bold the “fumblerooski.” They didn’t always work, and they were hard to pull off. But when they did it was usually in a spectacular way that ended in an eruption of excitement and massive dog pile in the end zone. But no matter what the end result, they were always entertaining to watch, especially the new ones you haven’t seen before.

In the “old days,” and by that I mean before we had the unlimited knowledge of the internet at our fingertips, if you wanted to watch some of the most outstanding trick plays you had to purchase a video from one of those late night infomercials. But now all you have to do is type it in a search bar and you have hundreds of options. I took the liberty of scouring through a few and this is the best one I came across that had a mix of both NFL and College plays, enjoy!