The Most Popular Film The Year You Were Born

Everyone has a favorite movie. You know – that one go-to nostalgic film you always want to watch when you’re sick. Some people love a good sci-fi. Others stick to the romance section. Still others love tragedies, and some just want to revisit their childhood classics. There are hundreds of awesome films out there, but only one film out of the many can make it to the top slot each year. Take this trip down nostalgia lane and find out what the most popular film was the year you were born.

1970: Love Story

Love Story is just that: a love story. It’s a tragedy that’s considered one of the most romantic films by the American Film Institute. In it, a boy and a girl from completely different backgrounds fall in love despite their upbringings. The world conspires to tear them apart.

The film was directed by Arthur Hiller and written by Erich Segal, with Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal playing the leads. It had a relatively small budget of $2 million but grossed over $100 million in the box office.

1971: Diamonds Are Forever

It’s a James Bond film! This time, James Bond investigates a diamond smuggling operation in Las Vegas and gets into way more trouble than he bargained for. Literally everyone wants those diamonds, from a rich but dangerous couple to a questionable business tycoon. It stars Sean Connery, Jill St. John, and Charles Gray.

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