The Unbelievable Story of the 18-Year-Old Female Football Kicker

When the world first heard about Rebecca “Becca” Longo, she was still in high school. People found her on the football field, but not on the cheerleading squad. She was kicking field goals like a boss. When asked about her, coaches, players, and talents scouts don’t see a female kicker, they see a competent player. She’s not the first woman to step onto the football field, but she may be the best yet. She may even be the first to go pro.

25. Professional Career

Longo is not yet finished with school, but already coaches want to talk about her potential in the professional sphere. It’s more than just a game of talent when there’s money on the line. Professional players have to elevate their emotional fortitude. Many around her believe Longo has the fortitude to break that seal for female players in the NFL.

24. Pioneering

As players, kickers don’t always get the respect they deserve. Teams love their kicker when they pick up extra points, but between those shining moments, kickers sometimes feel like loners. Add to that mix being a woman, and you land somewhere in the emotional neighborhood where Longo lives. Yet, for love of the game, she endures. 

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