These Are The Most Amazing Moments in NBA Finals History

As May turns into June and Spring turns into Summer it can only mean one thing: The NBA Finals are are almost here. The first NBA Finals was held nearly 70 years ago in 1947 and have been played every year since, except for the years that featured work stoppages for whatever reason. The series is used to determine the champion at the end of the NBA season by pitting two teams against each other in a seven game series. The first team to win four of those games is deemed champion, which allows for a lot of drama and excitement over the course of the series.

With a world championship on the line, the NBA Finals brings out the best, and sometimes worst, in NBA players and coaches. Legacies are made and history is created, and some of the most thrilling and intense moments in sports take place there. This video captures some of the many incredible, dramatic moments witnessed during the NBA Finals.

Take a look…