This is Why We Watch Football

Photo: youtube

Playing football is one of those things that’s really difficult to explain to someone that hasn’t experienced it themselves. And some of the most memorable parts of playing the game can vary depending on one whether you’re playing offense or defense. On the offensive side of the ball it usually something touchdown related. That could also apply to the defensive side, although more times than not it’s sacking the quarterback or leveling an oncoming running back or receiver. Basically hitting someone and hitting them hard.

I’m no professional athlete, but I did play ball at one time and even though it seems like ages ago I still remember my “greatest hit” like it happened this morning. I was playing defensive tackle and got a good jump on the center and guard I was lined up against and was able to break through the line almost untouched. There I was at almost full speed headed towards this poor unsuspecting quarterback as he took his drop steps. As soon as he turned around I was right there and I laid the most textbook “low to high” tackle that ended up picking him up off his feet and landing straight on his back. As adrenaline screamed through my veins I look up to hear the classic moan from getting the wind knocked out of you and to make it even more memorable he even had a snot bubble coming out of his nose.

Yes it barbaric, but it’s also one of the main reasons millions upon millions of people tune in to watch or show up at the stadium in person. But with modern safety equipment and rule changes, there’s a good possibility that we may not see the epic hits we’ve grown accustomed to seeing at the highest level of play. But luckily, there’s a seemingly never-ending stream of highlight reels that should keep us entertained for years to come.