This Might Be the Best Dunker In Basketball and He Doesn’t Even Play in the NBA

Dunks are one of the most exciting aspects of basketball, both in regards to watching it and playing it. Although it takes a special kind of athlete to perform anything other than your standard jam. It takes some serious hops and hand-eye coordination to pull off the spectacular dunks we see every at the slam dunk competition. And as a matter of fact if you have that level of talent you’re most likely in the NBA anyways.

So imagine the shock on everyone’s face when they see what Jordan Kilganon can do with a basketball in his hand. Kilganon stands at just 6 foot 1 inches tall and he has green hair. But the first time you see him in action you’d think he was a 7 foot tall Michael Jordan. It is literally mind blowing how high he can jump, and the creativity he uses with his dunks. Check out this short highlight reel, and notice how even pro level athletes can’t believe what they’re seeing.