Who’s The Greatest Athlete Of All Time?


The Greatest of all time. Being the best in one’s chosen field. The best that has ever played a sport or the best at their position in a sport.

There are a lot of people who are considered legends and G.O.A.T.’s, yet not all legends are created equal. The term “Greatest of All-time” is thrown around a lot and can be quite subjective depending on who you ask and what sport you are referring to. Take baseball for instance. That is a sport that runs strictly by the numbers. Now I agree, stats are a huge factor and gauge of how to measure an athlete’s greatness, but stats don’t show that extra something that makes a player stand out above all others. That certain way they create a moment or how they can single handedly change the outcome of a game, not once, but night after night and year after year.

Those chosen few athletes are the ones that will inspire the generations that come after them. Kids will wear their jersey number not only out of respect and honor for the player, but to also let others know that they’re game is going to have DNA from that athlete. That they are going to emulate themselves after the best because they want to be the best.




Every sport has their royalty and how that is determined is a from a mix of stats, championships, longevity and respect. But there’s something else. That certain thing you can’t put a finger on…that “wow” factor. That certain swagger and style that separate the truly magnificent from the rest of the pack. It’s the thing that translates not only in real life but on TV and the sports highlight reels.

It’s the way an athlete sucked it up when they were ill and played the game of their life or the way they came back from injury or in some cases retirement, and resumed their dominance of their chosen sport. It’s the way they shattered the way people perceive their sport and how the public will judge all other players against them.

So how do you know what the greatest of all-time looks like? You only know it when you see it and you may only see it once or twice in your lifetime. Think of the thousands of pro athletes that come out of college or the amatuer ranks and into the pros. Now think of the small number of people who you consider the greatest. It’s staggering isn’t it?


Let’s take a look at the greatest players to ever play at their respected positions in their chosen sports and you tell me if we’re wrong. I bet dollars to donuts that we hit the nail on the head.

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