Who Is THE Biggest NFL Draft Bust In History?

Every year in April, rabid NFL fan bases across the country watch with anticipation as their team selects what they hope will be the players who will carry them to Super Bowl glory. However, every sports fan knows that it simply does not work out that way. One needs to look no further than New England Patriots start quarterback Tom Brady, who was selected in 199th overall in the sixth round, to know that the NFL draft is anything but an exact science. Still, especially when it comes to the first round of the draft, fans and teams alike hope to at least get SOME value out of their selections. Generally, if a team has one of the first 10 draft picks, it means that they weren’t very good in the previous season. Missing on that draft pick means that their misery is likely to continue into the following year, and even beyond, so end up with nothing for their losing efforts is particularly devastating.

So, who is the biggest draft bust in NFL history? Well, there are many to choose from, and the answer is certainly debatable, but this video seems to think it has it figured out. Let us know what you think in the comments below…