You Won’t Believe the Secrets Cruise Ship Workers Share When They Get Back On Land

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If you’re lucky enough to have been on a cruise, you know that it’s one of the best weeklong vacations you can have. It can be filled full of adventure or relaxation, depending on what you’re looking for. Needless to say, if you haven’t been on one you should make it a part of your bucket list. But there’s something you must know (well, a few things really). The crewmen and women aboard that ship are people too, and those people have memories. So while you might think your secret is safe on the boat, you should think twice.

Here’s a list of some of the most interesting things that take place on a cruise ship. Prepare to be entertained…

25. Absolutely No “Playing” With Guests

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It should come as no surprise to you that cruise lines have a no fraternizing rule for its employees in regards to the guests. But what you may not know is how strict they are about that rule, and how steep the consequences are for breaking it. If a crew member is caught having a romantic relationship with a guest, they will actually leave you at the next port! So the next time you want to start flirting with the workers, remember that it could cost them their job.

24. Weight Loss Plan

Losing weight on a cruise ship is virtually impossible, that is unless you’re working on the ship. That’s right, while you’re ordering 4 orders of shrimp cocktail and three entrees for dinner, the folks that bring it to you are not treated with the same level of luxury. In fact, most employees told reporters that the food that’s served to the crew is more like school cafeteria food. The average guest will gain at least a pound per day while on their vacation, where the average employee will lose a pound per day. Interesting right?

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